Just got my first approval for $30k. Nice Start.
– John from Columbus, 1.4.2014

Good service, fast funding, good results…Nice to have a company come through. 🙂
– Helen from South Carolina, 12.21.2013

Macro got my funding approvals done in 7 days.  I was overly pleased with the results.
– Doug from Ohio, 11.16.2013

A+++, quick funding, good service. I only needed $50k and they did it within 3 weeks.
– Mike from Indianapolis, 10.28.2013

I thought this process was going to be overly complicated but MBC walked me through the whole thing.  I didn’t have to do to much on my end. After 3 months, I was up to $110K in funding.
– Gina from DFW, 9.10.2013

Fast, Simple, and $50k in 10 days.  I give MBC an A+.
– Andrew G. from Indiana, 8.14.2013

Thank you Macro Business Capital.  Your customer service was excellent.
– Jennifer T. from PIttsburgh, 7.6.2013

I was surprised by the speed of my funding.  In 21 days, I had the $50,000 that I needed for my business.
– Mark P. from Minneapolis, 6.17.2013

My funding just got finished.  I was expecting $100k but the total was $115k.  That was a nice little bonus.  I would recommend Macro Business Capital.
– Sarah from Los Angeles, 5.18.2013

I am satisfied with the progress and the amount of funds I received.  Thank you MBC.
– Stan H. from Miami, 4.14.2013

I didn’t think MBC would be able to fund me because I had some inquiries.  They got me approved for the first 4 of 5 lenders for a total of $64,000.
– Sam T. from Kansas, 3.8.2013

Macro Business Capital has been dynamite. I needed 100k and they have me approved for 97k in the first 30 days. This is the miracle I was looking for.
– Carrie S. from California, 2.15.2013

I just received $50,000 of my funding in the first 10 days. Satisfaction is what MBC brings to the table.
– Bob M. from Florida, 1.30.2013

I was just approved for my first $30,000 in just under 4 days. I am very excited. Thank you Macro Business Capital.
– Terry J. from Houston, 12.3.2012

I want to thank you, I was skeptical that you could get me the $100K let alone in 90 days. But you have proved yourself. I am happy to report that my new business will open next week.  I am looking forward to your now getting my wife funded. Thanks Again.
– Jerry G. Bloomington MN, 11.11.2012

My first 7 applications were all approved. Thank you MBC.
– Kristie K from Texas, 10.12.2012

We love your service. I had my first $55k in 7 days.
– John P. from Colorado, 9.21.2012

The support team was very attentive to our unique situation. The funding started to arrive quickly.
– Lauri M. from Minnesota, 8.14.2012

Finally, I found a company that can truly fund. Thank you MBC Team.
– John G. from California, 7.2.2012