Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to submit my W-2s, tax returns, or any financials?
No. In most situations we do not collect your financials and we will not need them.

What if my business is new, can I still get lines of credit?
YES! In fact, many of our clients are owners of new or start-up Businesses. We have a Strategy just for you.

Will Unsecured Business Lines of Credit affect my personal credit report?
Most of our business lines of credit do not report to your personal credit report unless you go into a default status.

I Don’t own a Business
No problem we will just get you Personal credit.

I have great credit, what’s the problem, why can’t I have what I want?
Great credit is good and it will help you in everything you do as a business owner, but good credit alone does not get you access to the large amounts of actual Business Credit available. There are many other items we take into consideration. The right lenders need to be identified, what type of business credit lines are the best for your goals, where your company is located. These and other issues will ultimately determine the amount of total Business funding available.

If I have someone else who has better credit than me, can I use them as my credit partner or personal guarantor?

Yes, About 25% of our Business Credit is with Co-Signers.

How much capital can I raise through the Business Credit Program?
Our Average funding is 100,000 per person. Some people and Business’s Qualify for just 50K while others can get 200,000.

Since there’s no collateral what happens if I default or stop making payments?
There’s still a PG (personal guarantor) who signs for the repayment of the loan. With unsecured credit you must keep in mind that if you default or stop making payments that the lenders will still do whatever they can to collect their money.

Are business credit lines ‘non-recourse’ money?
No, not normally. Most require a Personal Guarantee or PG.

I have a good paydex score isn’t that better?
A paydex score is a good thing to have, and sometimes a paydex score and a D&B profile can be important when going after Business Credit. However, there are other times when it’s completely irrelevant.

What are the rates for business lines of credit?
Interest rates vary from about 8 to 21 percent. Most of our credit lines start out with 0% promotional rate from 6 to 18 months.

What if my Credit is not Perfect
Depending on your credit status, you might be eligible for a business line of credit right now, with no further steps. If so, we’ll proceed. However, if your credit report has some “blemishes” that need to be fixed, no problem. We don’t do credit repair, but we’ve established a team of dependable people we can refer you to in order to correct the errors on your credit file. We know who and where to send you, no matter how slight (or big) the issue may be.

How long does credit repair take?
In most cases 7-10 days, depending on the repairs needed.